Revolutionizing the Way We Interact with Data: The Power of Multi-File Conversations

Victor Colesnic

The traditional "Chat-with-your-PDF" applications have been a game-changer in the way we interact with documents. However, they come with their limitations, such as the constraint of uploading and conversing with only one file at a time. These tools are of limited use to an organization, we believe. To overcome these challenges, we've created a solution that allows users to upload up to 1000s of files, create different collections, and derive answers from all files simultaneously, or from collections separately. In this blog, we'll explore how this feature benefits professionals and creatives alike, by highlighting five exciting possibilities.

1. Comprehensive Market Research

With our multi-file conversational tool, users can upload documents from various sources, such as market research reports, competitor analysis, and consumer surveys. By creating a collection, they can easily access and analyze information from all documents in one place, allowing for a more in-depth understanding of market trends and competitor strategies.

Important note here: our tools is able to access multiple files at the same time, if it thinks it has to. You do not have to point it to the exact file yourself.

2. Efficient Project Management

Project managers can now create collections containing project specifications, contracts, and stakeholder correspondence. By conversing with multiple files, they can quickly and accurately retrieve information, such as project milestones, deadlines, and budget constraints – making project management more efficient and hassle-free.

3. Enhanced Collaboration

Our tool enables users to share collections with colleagues, fostering a seamless collaboration experience. Team members can access the same files, ask questions, and share insights, without the need for repetitive file-sharing or searching through emails. This accelerates decision-making and promotes a more cohesive working environment. Advanced multi user support will be added later, we're working on that !

4. Unleashing Creativity

Creative professionals, such as writers and designers, can benefit from our multi-file conversational feature by uploading mood boards, research materials, and project briefs into a single collection. They can then interact with the files, drawing inspiration and ideas from multiple sources, ultimately leading to more innovative and unique outcomes.

5. Streamlined Legal and Regulatory Compliance

Legal professionals and compliance officers can create collections containing relevant laws, regulations, and internal policies. By engaging with multiple documents, they can efficiently retrieve information, compare regulations, and ensure that their organization remains compliant with the latest rules and guidelines.


The ability to upload multiple files and create different collections while conversing with multiple documents simultaneously should be a significant improvement to what is available now on the market. Say goodbye to the limitations of traditional "Chat-with-your-PDF" applications and embrace the future of multi-file conversations.

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