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Replace your tutor

School - University - Professional exams
Upload your course material and have teach you, and solve problems.

We allow you to access GPT-4 in full directly from our dashboard - use that to generate the content you need.
Create separate collections for all your classes, and we'll keep track of all your previous questions, and notes.

Extraction from unstructured data

All types of data (10Ks, invoices, agreement)
Save all your reports in one place, and quickly get the data you're looking for. Design and save Tasks and Styles and extract the data  in the same format every time. Next time just replace the files and run the same Tasks again. No need to remember the correct prompt every time.
Legal contracts
Retrieve data from contracts with our built-in OCR feature. Use our Citation tool to see exactly where the Data comes from.

Get insights - quickly - with references

See trends in company filings
Calculate revenue trends, ratios with your custom-made Procedures

Summarize earning call transcripts and read what matters
Import > Process > Export
Build a better data workflow with our tool. We'll support the most common productivity formats soon.

Upload all the files your organization needs - once

Policies, Manual and Guidances
Have your team quickly find an accurate answer to their questions and save time, for them and you. We know how much effort gets wasted in finding the right answers.
Laws and regulations, taxes
We understand that regulation can be confusing to go through. Try our product and find only what's relevant. Click on Sources and see the original text.

We're proud to bring you new best-in-class features

Create a Chat Bot that is trained on your documents
Upload documents in a Collection then create a Chat Bot trained on that specific data. You will then get a shareable link that will open a new window with just the Chat Bot. You can share this link with anyone. All searches will be charged to your account.

You can further create a Chat Bot and embed that on your landing page!
The chat is now conversational
Guess what? Our chat's got a memory too! Our conversational AI keeps track of previous chats, so it feels more like talking to a buddy who remembers your past conversations. Give it a go and enjoy a smooth, interactive chat experience that's tailored just for you!
Organize with Collections
Upload all your documents in relevant folders, and share these with your colleagues. They will be able to perform the same tasks without the need to log-in or upload files. When you chat, only the selected Collection will be active, so make sure you select the correct one.
Add document Insights
We've got this handy button that generates 5 interesting topics from your uploaded PDF. It's a super useful feature if you want to grab quick insights from the document without diving too deep. Give it a click and discover the highlights in no time!
Use Direct GPT Chat
To fully unlock the power of - we added the ability to run prompts  through OpenAI's GPTs directly from our Dashboard. This way you can use  Context* items already saved in your previous queries, and generate new content (i.e. ad copy, emails, blogs, product descriptions, essays).

Although our tool is GPT enabled, we have to limit output size to allow for Context, with Direct GPT Chat you can select only the Context you need, and let GPT generate more content.

*Context are pieces of your Chat history that you want to be considered in your next prompt.

We're proud to bring youCitations and Side-by-side view
We provide accurate citations that pinpoint the exact part of the document from which the response was generated. Experience the convenience of a side-by-side view, allowing you to easily compare and verify the information.

Trust our reliable system to enhance your user experience and ensure confidence in your AI-generated responses!
Powered by GPT-3.5 and GPT-4
Get-3.5 offers a cost-effective solution with quicker response times, ideal for simpler tasks. On the other hand, GPT-4 provides highly advanced AI technology for more complex and creative outputs, although it comes at a slightly higher cost and longer response times.

Choose the model that best suits your needs and elevate your user experience!
Faster workflow with Tasks
You can now define your Tasks or Prompts in advance by adding them on the right side of the Dashboard. We will save these for you, and next time you need to execute them - all you have to do is click.

This will streamline repetitive tasks such as data extractions, summarization exercises, generating letters based on templates, writing emails, writing tweets, writing blogs.
Add custom Styles
You can tweak the output of your AI-chat responses by playing with the tone or setting up your own formatting. It's all about making the chat experience just right for you.

Furthermore you can define the specific output format you want - which is very useful for extraction and generating new content.
OpenAI Plugin
We're building an OpenAi plugin, so you'll be able to access you documents directly in the OpenAI chat window.

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